You know what I really like about Cassie?

She makes us work for things. 

Yesterday we tweeted our asses off to get the Clockwork Princess cover, and today we had to make #WeWantSimon trend world wide. (Although I didn’t help with that because I was watching Toddlers & Tiara’s and didn’t know this was going on. Don’t judge me).

Many authors are just kind of like, “Here’s a bone. Stop bothering me. Enjoy and stuff.”

Cassie is more like, “Oh, you want to know? You want this cover? YOU MUST CLIMB MOUNT EVEREST AND BRING ME BACK A TWO LEGGED GREEN PONY NAMED GEORGE. MWAHAHAHA.”

WE WORK FOR OUR STUFF. We earn it. I don’t know about you guys, but that makes me feel like I’m not only interacting with her, but with the rest of you guys. I feel like I’m part of the decisions and stuff. 

So Cassie, although you basically rip my heart out every time I think I’ll be okay reading your books, I approve of your ways of giving us things.

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